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Need Web Statistics, Visitor Tracking, unlimited email accounts, access to your own Control Panel? Visit our Products page . Below is a list of the services TGL offers. Each can be purchased from our Products page. Desktop Publishing Email Custom Logo Website Design & Development E-Commerce SEO (Search Engine Submissions) Maintenance Multi-Media (Music, Videos, etc.) Software Training Web Hosting Online Forms Advertisements Domain Name Graphic Design Desktop Publishing Desktop Publishing includes the design, and/or creation of custom works for online use, or print projects. TGL can handle any size printing need,  or project can be sent to client for printing via source of their choice.   TGL creates CD Album Artwork, Business Cards, Logos, Letter Head, Invitations (incl. weddings), Christmas Cards, Calendars, Post Cards, Ad  Cards (also known as ‘club cards’), and more using your artwork, or a custom design by TGL.  See Products page for details and purchase.  Website Design & Development TGL takes your idea from design to creation at a price affordable on most any budget. From daycares and recreational centers, to education and  financial, food and entertainment, consulting and publications, and companies, businesses, and organizations selling products, services, or  providing much needed information, TGL has got you covered. These and many more categories of design are available on the Website Request  Form on our Products page.  TGL incorporates XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for custom websites that offer faster page downloads and are more search engine  friendly.  Three Website Design Packages are available: Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. Pricing is based primarily on the number of pages first, then features  and content to accompany each page, as many of the necessary website attributes that other companies charge for, TGL provides FREE.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area and you don’t have pictures (products, individuals, personnel, etc...), TGL can provide photography services  onsight. See Products page for details and purchase.  Note: No project's too large. TGL created a website for a non-profit organization from the ground up with little input from the client. The  added, online store required e-commerce capability for hundreds of products to include product descriptions, buy buttons, and numerous,  additional graphics besides the ones for the non-store portion of the website. Some of the graphics were provided by the client, all of which  required various enhancements. Most were provided by TGL and included custom designs.   Maintenance Many website design companies are turning over the day-to-day task of website maintenance to the client. Well, usually, a client who knows how  to maintain a website, also knows how to build one. Those who do not either doesn’t have the time, or desire to learn the multitude of tedious  tasks, bundles of software, graphic design, and all that other behind the scenes stuff that goes into building a quality website. That’s why you  guys come looking for us. Right? Well, TGL doesn’t wash our hands of a valued client after earning your hard earned money. We’re with you for  the long haul. So, rest assured as you read on...  Getting a website up and running is just the beginning. To reach the largest consumer base, a consistently professional web presence that’s  easily accessible to your consumer market is a must. That’s where maintenance comes in.  Maintenance of a website consists of basic, informational changes, and minor revisions made to existing website content, or small pieces of  information added such as updates to a monthly newsletter, or publication, information changes like phone numbers, addresses, and the like.   Basically, maintenance is all of those tedious, must do tasks that keep your website's information up to date, your business looking sharp,  current and therefore, relevant, but don't incur additional cost as with actual design changes, or overall site re-creation.   TGL performs website maintenance at a fraction of what most companies charge, even those who boast of low prices.   Maintenance fees are due on the 1st of every month beginning with the month following website project completion.  TGL offers a 6 Month Maintenance Plan. Choosing this plan earns you 1 month free. It also provides you with the option of using your own staff  for maintenance should you become able, or otherwise decide to do so after the six months is up. We don’t lock you into long term contracts  because we want to ensure our valued clients flexibility.  See Products page for details and purchase.  Client Maintained Websites:  You have the option of maintaining your website. If you choose to do so, upon completion of website project, TGL will forward all website files.  Depending on project size, files can be zipped and sent via email. However, larger website projects will require copying to CD and sending via  regular mail which incurs a small fee.  See Policy page for client maintained website details.  Website Hosting TGL hosts your website for free for “6 Months” as an added perk to our “6 Month Maintenance Plan. If you choose to maintain your own website,  you will be responsible for all related web hosting costs and may select your desired hosting company. You, or TGL, can set-up the hosting  account. TGL provides this service free provided web hosting fees are received prior to set-up. Information will be forwarded to client after  website completion. Login names and passwords should then be changed to maintain your privacy. See Policy page for details.  Only the most reliable servers are used for TGL websites. In fact, we’ve used the same company for several years without any concerns. They’ve  proven to be number one, so we know the service to you will be first rate. The uptime is 99.9%, but no TGL site has ever been down due to  server issues.   TGL gives clients 2GB space for their content, products, graphics, media, and more. Monthly data transfer is 100GB, but rarely does a website  require anywhere near that amount of bandwidth (traffic on your website). However, should more prove necessary, additional data transfer can  be purchased for a small fee. If your bandwidth needs exceed our limitations you will be switched to a separate server of your, or TGL’s choosing  (at your request), at an additional expense.  Back To Top Domain Name Yearly Registration ($25):  Domain name registration is secured by TGL at no cost to you for 1 full year. However, domains must be registered yearly. Therefore, one year  after domain has been purchased, additional, yearly registration fees apply. If you’re hosting your own website, you are responsible for  subsequent registrations. TGL still covers the initial domain name cost.   You may use a currently owned domain name, but you are still responsible for yearly registration and fees.  If you wish to register, or have your domain name registered for more than one year, you will need to cover the additional cost as outlined on  the Products page.   Without exception, all domains are owned by you, not TGL. Unscrupulous web designers secure domain names under their company's name, or  even personal name, and, if the client later decides to go with another web design company, they hold the domain name hostage. TGL does not  practice such gutter tactics and finds it disgusting to see that others do. It's an unfair practice used against unsuspecting clients and a shameful  reward for the trust they've given and monies paid.   Domain registration and related information will be provided upon request following domain set-up and payment. Otherwise, it, along with all  other pertinent information and materials received, will be forwarded to client immediately upon project completion. At TGL, integrity is first  and foremost.  Set-Up: Registration and set-up can be two separate tasks. In the case of domain transfer, or domains purchased outside of the hosting company for use  within it, set-up entails pointing name servers which is necessary to ensure website works correctly. Whether TGL purchases domain on your  behalf, or you provide domain, set up is free.   Domain transfers after domain set-up, or initial transfer, incur a nominal fee.  Email Depending upon the size and structure of your organization, a uniform email source can prove quite valuable. TGL provides email accounts with  every website purchase. Additional emails can be purchased for a low, yearly fee.  Email can be accessed via webmail, or you may set it up to work with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and many other email editors.  All necessary information will be provided.  If you are unfamiliar with how to set up email editors, TGL can assist you through the process. A nominal fee is charged.  E-Commerce With most of the buying world enjoying round the clock access to their favorite, online sources for business, food, and entertainment, e-  commerce is a must if you want to become a major player in the highly utilized, internet marketing game.   TGL can integrate e-commerce into your website design so that it flows seemlessly. You can go from a few products, or services, to a fully  equipped, online store. Pictures can be provided from your existing site, or a URL you give along with written permission (email is fine) for TGL  to copy and use pictures per your request.   See Policy page for payment details.  TGL Payment Processor:  TGL's online payment processor is PayPal. Why? Because, like TGL, they offer the best rates without compromising quality, convenience, or  customer service. They have the lowest rates around, they accept all major credit cards and debit cards bearing the MasterCard and VISA logos,  have no upfront costs, no lengthy, application process, or start-up fee, and they're the easiest, online service to join. And, for persons who  prefer not to join, they can still make payments and take advantage of PayPal’s secure processing without signing up.   PayPal has been a part of TGL since the beginning and we couldn’t be more pleased. We feel quite confident using their services for our  treasured clients as well, should the prefer.   Client Payment Processors: TGL offers several payment processors for use on client websites. See “Online Forms” below for more options.  Back To Top Multi-Media Capabilities Nothing makes a web page pop like cool sounds and hot visuals! Music, Photo Slides, and Video have become popular methods of getting a  company’s message to their consumer markets in a fun and entertaining way. Appealing to one’s senses in a tastefully creative and informative  manner can not only draw consumers to your website, but keep them coming back.   TGL incorporates your previously prepared photos, music, and video, or we can provide music and photos that gets your message across in a  uniform and consistent manner.   Due to size limitations on email attachments, audio and video files must be submitted via CD sent through regular mail. Clients can post photos  online and give TGL the url and written permission (email is fine) to use them, or files can be zipped and sent via email provided they are no  more than 5MB.  TGL provides custom music players, video players, slide shows, photo galleries and more.  See Products page for details and purchase.  Online Forms TGL can design & create simple to complex forms tailored to your needs using our preferred forms processor, JotForm. Collected data can then  be sent for immediate receipt via an email account you select. You may also easily access your forms and view submissions from your JotForm  account.  Give your business an added touch with professional looking forms. Here’s a few of the many TGL provides:  contact surveys  submissions (file uploads (music and photos))  newsletter sign up  appointments  feedback  registration  reservation  quiz ask questions  applications  purchase order  authorization  membership  mail list   All forms can be equipped with e-commerce (the ability to receive payments over the internet). Payment processors include: PayPal, PayPalPro,  Authorize.Net, 2CheckOut, ClickBank, WorldPay, and more.   Our premier forms creator offers a number of options to tailor forms to fit your needs:  Power Tools - extend security and give visitors more options such as: DateTime, Password Box, Unique ID, Captcha, etc.  Survey Tools - give Star Ratings, Scale Ratings, Grading, Set Ranges, and more.  Quick Tools - easily enter pre-labeled fields for: Full Name, Email, Address, Phone, etc...  Form tools - provide headings, text box, text area, drop down menu, radio button, check box, file upload and submit buttons.  Auto Responders (send ‘Thank Yous’ and other messages to everyone who completes a form without lifting a finger!)  Data collected belongs to you and can be downloaded any time to create email lists, databases, and more. All clients receive access to the data  in their forms account whether they maintain their own website, or not.   TGL includes 1 basic form with every Website Design Package. Clients who don’t require a form simply will not have one incorporated. Those  that do will get theirs free. Basic forms include short, newsletter sign ups that require name and email, or a contact form with five, or fewer  fields, etc...   Complex forms such as quizzes, surveys, purchase orders, etc... incur a small fee. Keep in mind, many of our Website Design Packages include  complex forms.   Forms Plans are different from ‘forms creation’ and are determined by the volume of submissions, space, payments received, etc... that you  anticipate, or require. The cost of Form Plans are as follows: Basic (FREE), Premium (Paid), and Professional (Paid).  See Products page for pricing and purchase.   Graphic Design Design of custom graphics for implementation into website, print project, or other use. TGL’s low price is exceptionally advantageous to up and  coming artists looking for top quality CD jacket artwork, or other fine graphics while operating on a small budget, as well as website seekers  who want that true, one-of-a-kind graphic that stands them out from the crowd. Consultation and proof reviews are included.   See Products page for details and purchase.  Back To Top Custom Logo TGL can design logos based on client input, previously created design, or come up with samples for client review. Complex design creations are  slightly higher.   See Products page for details and purchase.  Search Engine Submissions SEO, Search Engine Optimization, accounts for millions of successful website visitors making it possibly the most valued attribute of the world  wide web. However, TGL isn’t about to fool clients into believing SEO is enough to make their website magically float to the top of the list each  time someone searches on a word similar to their name. While a multitude of businesses can afford to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars  to manipulate the system, the rest of us hard working businesses, organizations, and individuals cannot.   Therefore, TGL tells you honestly that SEO is a good thing and we certainly provide it. But, unless a visitor uses a portion of your website’s  business name, more than likely you won’t pop up.  But, all is not lost. There are numerous ways to promote online and avenues to take that gets you noticed.  Note: Clients opting for SEO may want to provide an alternate email account besides the primary one they use, or allow TGL to create one (at  no additional cost), because many search engine submissions result in multiple feed back emails based on status and success.  Software Training TGL uses an award winning software program for website design, creation, and publication while incorporating other useful tools, products and  services for prime, custom website generation. In the case of clients wishing to maintain their own sites, but not having much experience with  web design, personal, online training is available.  Keep in mind the purpose of these sessions are to learn how to maintain a website built using our software and, therefore, relative aspects will  be taught. Questions regarding the overall aspect of website design and creation will be addressed as time permits.  Group sessions can be arranged for people residing, or having access to the general area of Milwaukee, WI.  See Products page for details and purchase.  No Advertisements!!  TGL will never put advertising banners on your website as a 'trade off' for free web hosting. Unlike many ‘free website hosting’ companies and  nickel-and-dimer deals, TGL keeps your website totally banner free.   Clients who choose to include ad banners to generate revenue before, or after website project is complete, can be accommodated for a nominal  fee.  Without exception... TGL websites include the following notation, or something to this effect, in the Footer (copyright area at bottom of each  website page) which includes a link to TGL website:  Website Design by... The Graphics Lady - TGL  (Adding Web Designer contact info and link is a normal and quite frequent occurrence for all web designers and can usually be found in the  footer of most websites whether they are commercial, non-profit, etc. However, as some clients may be more accustomed to Web Designers  linking to their email address, rather than their website, or a variety of different wordings, as a courtesy, TGL opted to add this notation...  “For the sake of our "No Advertisement" clause, this notation is not considered "advertisement" as it is unobtrusive and gives visitors direct  access to web designer in the case of technical difficulties and for the purpose of notification of site problems such as pages not working, etc...,  thereby substantially decreasing any downtime the site may incur.)  Back To Top
o Professional Website (in 3-5 days!) o Domain Name (you own it!) FREE! o 1 Month Maintenance FREE! o SEO (Search Engine Optimization) FREE! o Email Accounts FREE! o And lots more!
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