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Satisfying Customers Since 1996
The Graphics Lady
about us
   The Graphics Lady - TGL is a Desktop Publishing and Website Design company established in  1996; a few years after I'd decided to branch out into the world of entrepreneurship. Still  maintaining my 'day job' as a Department Secretary to 5 Department Heads at a booming,  Fortune 500 company, I was hit by the daunting reality of the exorbitant expense of creating a  professional presentation. As an up-start, everything was needed. A professional website,  business cards, letter head, advertising materials... and the list went on and on.     With the cost of advertising on the rise, I dug in and figured out everything I’d need to have a  fighting chance. Well, knowing what I needed, and being able to afford it was a totally different  matter. Like many budding entrepreneurs, I was the sole financier of my venture and had a ton  of other responsibilities to boot. I had to come up with something, and fast. Sink, or swim, right?  Well, sinking was  not an option.     An avid reader and fan of self teaching (and doing), I dove in and learned HTML. Design,  implementation, a variety of software programs, and all over computer savvy soon followed.  Before long, I’d built my own computer, had a funky, 90’s cool website with business cards and  the whole package to match, had mastered the internet and created one heck of an online  presence. I was on my way. Then...    ...fellow entrepreneurs began coming out of the woodwork. Some needed assistance, tutoring,  planning, computer help. Others needed products, or services. Many both, along with other  necessities of jump starting a business on a shoestring budget. Not everyone was willing, nor  able to DIY (do it yourself) like I’d done. So, with the same vigor I had for myself, I dug in for  them.     Relating to their financial dilemmas, charging a fee was out of the question. Well, you know  where this story is going... ya can't pay the bills without earning a living no matter how much fun  you’re having, or how many people you’re helping.   What to do?  What to do?   Enter... The Graphics Lady - TGL; the small businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs'  answer to obtaining professional, high quality products and services while avoiding the high costs  of larger, commercial entities. And, so began my trek to help others emerge in the business  realm even as I brought myself along.     Today, The Graphics Lady - TGL operates under the umbrella of a conglomerate of businesses  and services that include custom photo recreations, social networking communities, music  industry prospects, and so much more. I’m still striving to get to that land of milk and honey, but  oh does the road look so much brighter!    TGL is here for the small business men and women; the budding, die-hard entrepreneurs. You  too deserve the opportunity to bring your dreams to fruition and your great products and  services before the consumer market and we’re here to help you all the way.  The Graphics Lady - TGL 
 1996, The Graphics Lady, TGL Catering To Community Based Businesses,  Organizations & Individuals of Urban America.
No matter the project in scope, time frame, or design... The Graphics Lady's got you in mind
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