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All About Me

…a taste of life from me to you.

The Crazy, Sexy, Cool Me!

      Okay, just crazy and cool. But, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. :-)

      Annny way, here’s the other side of me, the creative and comical side.



Because bullying is NOT cool!

      I did two separate videos that I’ll edit and piece together because my beautiful grand-daughter just couldn’t stop laughing. We had so much fun!

      Please allow a few seconds to load. Enjoy!

Life on the East Coast

      I’ve taken a few trips in my lifetime in the pursuit of Hip Hop, but none was more informative, nor eye-opening than the ones I took to Atlanta, GA and Connecticut with Connecticut being the more recent as I visited in 2009.

      It’s amazing the difference in knowledge and overall understand-ing. Who’d think Geography played such a major role in cultural awareness, or entrepreneurship, or any of the many relative aspects of life that I found to be so widely diverse?

      Everything I saw since fourteen years ago when I last visited Atlanta, or about four years ago when I went to Connecticut screamed, “MILWAUKEE IS NOT THE PLACE FOR A CREATIVE SOUL SUCH AS YOURS! GET OUT!”, which should give major indication to the reason I feel so far behind in my life’s achievements.

      I’d encourage anyone with an inkling to expand their experiences as well as knowledge with travel. It increases your options and shows you that the grass on the other side of the fence just might actually be greener.

“Cool Kid Haps”

      Here’s another video shoot for  a kid’s magazine idea I had for my grandson Qaamar. It also includes two of my granddaughters, though only one is shown in this particular video.

      Please allow a few seconds to load. Enjoy!

Another Fun Class Project

      I have to say “another” fun class project because there were so many, in fact, all of them that I had a ball creating. Although I’m still learning the software, which I plan to continue to get better at for the rest of my life, I still had a great time.

      I learned so much that’ll already help me advance my graphic’s game like working with vector graphics. Simple things that I’d overlooked on my self taught road.

      These are the type of things that make me happy to have gone back to school in my older, but better age; something I said I’d never do.

      Oh, let me not forget to thank “Snookums” and her wonderful little family. :-)

One More Fun Class Project

      We did so many cool projects that I can show off my vector art.

       The one above is actually my company logo. Pretty cool, huh?

       The graphic below is a logo for one of the companies under the umbrella of C. Mathis Enterprises, Inc.

Yes, One More

Fun Class Project

      This 2D animation was a ball to learn. Adobe After Effects is one cool piece of software. In fact, everything Adobe has proven to be top of the line and the learning curve is surprisingly not bad at all.

      Enjoy the short video presentation of Motion Graphics. I even learned how to add music. Wow! I can’t wait to get better and do some of the great work I’ve seen on YouTube.  

      Hopefully, you’ll enjoy viewing this as much as I did making it.