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All About Me

…a taste of life from me to you.

1972 Pontiac Catalina

      My first car. The fact that it was also a gift from my oldest brother and all around hero made it all the more special.

      Mines wasn’t exactly like this one. It was canary yellow with a smooth, black top, which meant it was even cooler.

      I could never forget the feeling I experienced when he laid the good news on me. I think I jumped so high he had to catch me before I broke my neck on the ceiling. He also gave me my first real stereo, bicycle, and television set.

       Yeah, this story isn’t so much about the coolest gifts ever as it is about the coolest dude ever. My brother, Edward Darryl Mathis. May his soul eternally rest in peace.

The Greatest Gift

      To a non-sneakerhead, a pair of sneakers is well, just a pair of sneakers. But to a diehard fan of anything basketball and a lover of anything Jordan and LBJ23, the gift of these rare, sold out as soon as they hit the market, classic, Jordan XIXs were truly the greatest gift my son could’ve given me.

       They were a complete surprise and a gesture of kindness and consideration that will never be forgotten. That was back in 2004 and I remember it as if it was happening today.

      Thanks CityLyfe. You’ll always be a star in my eyes.

Pieces of Me

      I was born in Milwaukee, WI on a cool day in September. The 21st day in 1959. Yeah, a whole lotta years ago. One of seven children, I ended up being number four, the middle child.

      That’s me on the far right. Even at this tender age I was inquisitive, bright, and filled with the desire to learn. It’s no wonder I wasn’t nicknamed “Questions” since I had so many of them. The intense stare in my eyes was probably me trying to analyze the psyche of the photographer. I’m sure I had a ton of inquiries for him as well, or at least as many as my mother would allow.

       After my mother divorced, we moved to the Northside, 23rd and Townsend. The neighborhood started out great. In the summer the adults would sit on their porches, or leave their front doors open so they could watch us as we played outside. And, this wasn’t just my household. It was not uncommon to see a number of porch lights and doors wide open well into the wee hours of the night. It was a neighborhood thing. It was cool.

     Years later, things changed. The neighborhood changed. You couldn’t catch a door left opened in the daytime unless the temperature was so hot that the lack of air conditioning forced the undesired situation. These were dark times. So, I’ll move on to the light.

      Basketball has always been my favorite thing to do. From watching to playing and everything in between. If dressing your age meant not wearing b-ball gear, I guess I’ll never live up to that expectation. Then again, I don’t act my age so it is only fitting. :-)

      As you can see I have a pretty cool collection of gym shoes. No, I don’t call them sneakers. LOL

      At one point I believe the count was 70 some-thing. So, I gave a bunch away. One of my dreams is to establish myself financially so that I can buy as many pairs of shoes as I want. Jordan has a ton of “make my day” styles that I simply must have before I leave this great place called earth.

      Oh, of course the fits, “clothing”, has to come with it. As you can see, I like to match from head to toe. “Coordinate!” Yeah, like in Boomerang, but I just ain’t doing the mushroom belt. LOL


      As you can probably tell, the outfit above is Jordan, #23. After Lebron James took on that number, I had no choice but to bear the pain of a tatoo that included it. Cbaby23 became my nickname.

      Another love of mine is writing. I’ve self published a few fiction novels that I plan to edit and get out into the world in 2014. In fact, the photo on the right is me in my favorite T-Mac gear. Tracy McGrady, one of the NBA’s best who fell off way too  early in his career due to nagging back spasms. I’ve had ‘em, so I know what the man went through.

      I was on my way to a book signing. Not mine, but a fellow author. I had a great time and, it was probably around that time that I knew I wanted to pursue a career as an author. Sharing my love of God through faith based fiction books is a joy that goes beyond words.

      If I had to sum the whole of me up in a few words, the picture to the left would say it all. I pray the world peace and each and every soul a sound and fulfilling purpose. Can you imagine how much better we’d all be as a society as well as individuals if we had those two simple things? I do. And so I live my life trying to make it a reality for as many souls as I encounter.

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