2013 © CaSandra Mathis

All About Me

…a taste of life from me to you.

      This is Qaamar, my 9 year old grandson and most favorite person in the entire world. God blessed me with the opportunity to play a major part in his life and I could not be happier.

       To know me is to know Qaamar, to see all that he is and know what he can become.

      This is Qaamar at 3yrs old. My basketball was almost as big as he was, but he couldn’t put it down. What he saw grandma do, was what he wanted to do and I had no problems letting him.

      The two sides of CityLyfe. As a mother I must say I learned to love both, but I’m ecstatic over the most recent one above.

       I created the design work for both phases of his bout with Hip Hop (above) and Rap (below). It was fun, but I’m happy to have lived to see the emergence into Hip Hop and both the reality and reward of consciousness..