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All peoples of African descent, wherever they were born or raised, are Africans and owe  their primary allegiance to the future liberation of Africa. ..................  The ultimate and permanent solution to the countless problems facing the entire  African world can only be found in Pan-Africanism: The total liberation and the  unification of Africa under an All-African scientific socialist government.  ..................  The only scientific tools of analysis capable of providing a scientific understanding of  the world and how to change it are embodied in the philosophical principles of  dialectical and historical materialism.  ..................  The particular application of the universal principles of dialectical and historical  materialism in the African World is embodied in the ideology of Nkrumaism, which is  merely the theoretical reflection of the concrete struggles of the African masses for  liberation.  It takes its name from Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the foremost exponent  of this scientific ideology for liberating Africa and Africans everywhere. ..................  International capitalism is the major evil confronting the oppressed and exploited  peoples of the earth, threatening the future existence of our planet.  It uses class  exploitation, the oppression of African people and the oppression of women to further  its ends.  Furthermore, it is manifested in various imperialist forms: e.g., colonialism,  settler colonialism, Zionism, and neo-colonialism.  Neo-colonialism is the dominant form  of capitalist-imperialist exploitation facing the oppressed and exploited masses of the  world today, led by the United States of America and maintained with the critical  assistance of the indigenous bourgeoisie around the world.  ..................  The exploitation, oppression and degradation of women based on their gender are evils  that must be completely destroyed.  Linked to class exploitation, gender oppression and  racism are two weapons used by capitalism, in all of its forms, to achieve its objective  of the exploitation of all labor.  In our struggle for total liberation, we will crush class  exploitation and race and gender oppression and promote the growth and development  of women as essential to that liberation. ..................  It is absolutely imperative that the exploited and oppressed masses of Africans  throughout the world GET ORGANIZED in order to coordinate and unify our common  struggle for liberation.  Hence, it is necessary to build Pan-African revolutionary  socialist parties throughout the African World. ..................  The African Revolution is not an isolated struggle, but instead is an integral part of the  international struggle against world capitalism (and all of its racist and imperialist forms)  and for scientific socialism leading to world communism.  Consequently, African  revolutionaries must establish principled alliances with other oppressed peoples  throughout the world.
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       Time is on the side of the masses, and nothing can permanently frustrate their ultimate fulfillment."                                                                                                                                                                  ...Kwame Nkrumah
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