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To Whom it May Concern,  The Math Game is a creative piece of work that I have  personally utilized in the classroom: either playing it with  students or watching them play in groups of two, three, or  four. Despite the availability of similar products in the  classroom, I couldn’t help but notice the students’ preference  for the Math Game.   I am endorsing this product whose design painstakingly took  into consideration the common core in Mathematics:  additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, fractions,  and decimals. Among the benefits of the Math Game that  makes it so appealing is that by turning Math into an  intrinsically interesting game, the stress and trepidation the  subject brings to some individuals is drastically mitigated. Another benefit of the game is its inherent ability to build  greater familiarity with Math symbols that are necessary for problem solving. Knowing the invaluable power of  repetition, the Math Game is a powerful way to solidify lessons in the common core areas.   Computer Math games come with their benefits. However, not only does personal interaction suffer, but also, it is much  more difficult for teachers to interact with the students. Another drawback is that when students are left to play  computer Math games, there is the possibility that some are a mere mouse-click away from straying into non-Math  domains. With the Math Game on the other hand, it is easier to either interact with the students, or to monitor them.  Without hesitation, I endorse this game for schools, families looking to interact and indirectly teach young ones an  indispensable subject, as well as for adults looking to have fun while keeping their brains exercised.   Mr. Michael Orjiako, Ph.D., Educator, Milwaukee, WI 05-14-2013  Dear Landmark Games and Toys, Inc.     I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use The Game of Mathematics in my class room. I work in a special  education classroom with students that range from 1st through 6th. needless to say, it was very hard for me to find a  game that works for all my students because of the academic variations. I use to spend hours making games, placing  stickers, and making designs to attract students to playing a home made board game that reinforces just one skill.       When I was introduced to The Game of Mathematics, I was shocked with the complete design of the game. The Game of  Mathematics can be used at any grade level simply deciding to use which side of the board game; one side is addition  and subtraction and the other side is multiplying,dividing, greater than and less than.  The Game of Mathematics reinforces common core standards. This game is perfect for helping students refine skills in  many areas of math.  Another reason why I absolutely love this game is because it takes only minutes to understand the directions! This  game is the perfect math center! I utterly love this game and so do my kids!                                Ms. Jessica Duenskie,  Milwaukee Wisconsin Public School Teacher - Milwaukee, WI   Dear Landmark Games and Toys, Inc. I would like to thank you for allowing our family to be one of the first to play your game we were so excited to have a  family game that serves a purpose, once the children got the hang of it it was great, they are looking forward to sending  you pics. on our next family night. we are also pleased to recommend this game to the rest of our family and friends.  Again thank you for a job well done.  Latoya, Jocelyn, & Savannah - Milwaukee, WI Dear Landmark Games and Toys, Inc. Thank you for providing such a valuable game. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I  had my students learn the game and we played it on our free Friday they loved every minute of I wish all businesses  would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for a wonderful  game.  Calary Gordon, Public school teacher - Milwaukee Wisconsin Dear Landmark Games and Toys, Inc. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the math game, as a teacher in an urban school district, I've seen this tool engage  students while honing their math calculation skills. It's a great learning tool.              Katy Collins, Milwaukee public schools, Special Education - Milwaukee, WI         Dear Landmark Games and toys, Inc. My daughter started the school year off really struggling with multiplication and division. When I introduced her to the  math game, it took a different approach to teaching her how to multiply and divide! She enjoys the game very much and  we play it often!                       Crystal Smith - Milwaukee, WI                    Dear Landmark Games and Toys, Inc.              "The Math Game" is a colorful and skill-based game that my students found to be challenging and enjoyable. As a  teacher of special education students having Attention Deficit Disorders, I found the game useful in keeping my  students actively engaged as they enhanced there mathematical skills. My students were challenged; but stayed on  task because The Math Game was entertaining. On many occasions, it was also used as a reward on the completion of  other assignments. Students requested The Game of Mathematics as a reward. This was exciting to me as a teacher  because it taught them math applications. I would recommend the Game of Mathematics to all teachers who are  interested in keeping their students learning and actively engaged.                  Beverly Williams, M.Ed, Special Education Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools - Milwaukee,WI                          Dear Landmark,             It was a pleasure to play this game with my children, at first we were a little intimidated but once we got the hang of it  we had a blast.                     Janet Portis - Rockford IL.                           
Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. welcomes all comments on our premier game: The Game of Mathematics. If you’ve  experienced The Game of Mathematics, please send us your comments via our contact page.   We truly appreciate those who’ve taken the time to let us now how they feel. We pledge to continue to create great  games and toys with both entertainment and educational value. 
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