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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. is a family first company and a developer  and manufacturer of games and toys afterwards. As parents of school aged  children, we know first hand how challenging math can be for youth and  young adults as well as older adults and students of higher learning. It would be great if we could give The Game of Mathematics away to the  many children and students in need. But, when has the business side of  life ever been that simple? Never. This is why we’re reaching out to you...
EDUCATORS!      PARENTS!      BUSINESSES!     ORGANIZATIONS!      POLITICIANS! Invest In The Future Of A Child’s Education!
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HERE’S HOW IT WORKS... Click the Add To Cart button beneath the game(s) of your choice and enter the number of games you’d like to pre-order.  After payment, you will be taken to a confirmation page containing our Support Our Kids form. Please complete and submit the order form immediately. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN 1 FORM PER PAID ORDER. Additional instructions  can be sent via email if necessary. Be sure to include information from PayPal confirmation email so that we can match you to your payment. Expected delivery is Nov. thru Dec. 2013. Shipping will be calculated once games are ready for delivery. If  payment is due, you will be notified at that time.
Make your commitment to purchase The Game of Mathematics on behalf of a child, school, church, daycare, or after school program of your choosing, including home schools and private institutions. Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. offers the  games pre-ordered from this page at $29.00 (Deluxe), $19.99 (Intermediate), and $19.99 (Primary), and will volunteer to  hand deliver orders for the greater Milwaukee area thereby eliminating local shipping costs altogether. The goal for 2013 is 10,000 commitments. With your help, we’re certain we can achieve it. In appreciation of your benevolence, a beautiful plaque bearing your name will be placed on a special page of this website.  Also, for businesses, organizations, or anyone who could use additional advertising at no cost, you will be awarded space  on this website with links on our home page that bring your consumer base right to your front door. The space allotted is  based on your pre-order amount, (see below), and will range from a shared page of multiple entities, to your own personal  page. Other added perks include: free publicity at future Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. events, (of which we anticipate  many in a variety of locations), where your business name, logo, flyers, products, or whatever you choose to submit will be  prominently displayed.
While our primary area of concern is the Milwaukee Public School system, we welcome your consideration of children, and institutions of learning, (public and private), older adults (GED studies, job promotions where math is essential to the  position, etc...), and students of all ages in whatever area of the U. S. you prefer. This most certainly includes our family  members and friends on military bases.
Rules in English & Spanish!
Deluxe $29.99
Intermediate $19.99
Primary $19.99
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