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The Game of Mathematics is the premier product of  Landmark Games And Toys, Inc., a family owned,  Midwest based company dedicated to enhancing the  learning experience through game based play. This deluxe version offers “10 unique levels of math  problem solving” and comes with: o Double-sided game board o 7 math decks o 10 wild cards o 4 Tokens o 1 set of dice o 1 deck of Symbol Cards o 2 sets of additional cards (positive and negative) o Rule Book o Example Guide
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The Game of Mathematics was well received as shown by  these students of the Milwaukee Public School System. Teachers found it to be an excellent tool for enhancing social  skills by getting students to work together while learning the  much needed, fundamental principles of math. Testimonials The Game of Mathematics is designed for beginners through  advanced learners with calculations to challenge even the  greatest of math whizzes.  
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Advanced decks allow for higher levels of learning with calculations  that could challenge even the greatest math whiz. Positive and  negative numbers add to the excitement.
Beginners deck challenge children in addition and subtraction.
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Rules in English & Spanish!