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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. holds copyrights on twenty products to include: board games, video games, toys, and children’s books. Look for these and more coming to you soon.   BUTTON TWISTER Reverse Revolution Forward Revolution Twister Cord Twister Cord Reinforced Finger or Thumb Holder Reinforced Finger or Thumb Holder Simplicity at its finest!
Comparative to the yo-yo and bubble blowing toys, Button Twister has few moving parts, yet captures the imagination for hours on end. This user friendly toy provides loads of fun and entertainment with a few,  simple movements of the wrists and hands. Button Twister is designed with a light battery so that it  glows in the dark while spinning.
The object of Equal That Card is to be the first to perform three “complete sets” by having the value of  your cards matched by the corresponding number of correct, color chips. The cards have varying values  and includes a big joker and little joker for added fun.
Fun filled hours of enjoyment! Unique design! 100% guarantee - No game repeats itself!! Simple and easy to follow! Individual, or team play! For card game and board game enthusiasts alike!
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