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SHIPPING  Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. uses USPS (United States Postal Service), to ensure customers the best pricing and  prompt, secure, product receipt. For cost effectiveness that we can turn around to our valued customers, we use flat rate  shipping via Priority service which takes approximately 1 - 3 business days within the U.S. RATES: Domestic - $13.00 single order, board game Canada/Mexico - $28.95 single order, board game All other countries - $43.95 single order, board game        Games ordered at two, or more, incur slightly larger shipping costs, but save on shipping overall. Exact shipping rates  based on location and quantity are available during check out. Simply enter number of games to be purchased. Our  convenient shopping cart system allows the changing of quantities before purchase and the utmost security. Be sure to  update your shopping cart quantity for accurate pricing. As shipping costs and conditions may vary, we reserve the right to adjust our rates accordingly and to correct any errors  thereof.   DAMAGES: Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. examines all packaging on games and shipping materials upon receipt from  manufacturing, after packaging for resale, and prior to shipping. Should package arrive at customer location in a  damaged, or otherwise unusable condition, we strongly encourage following up with your local delivery service. If filing a damage claim is necessary, it is important to know the time frames and guidelines and to act promptly. REFUNDS/RETURNS:  At Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. customer satisfaction is first and foremost. We pride ourselves on developing and  presenting the finest in games and toys. However, in the rare occasion that a customer finds the need to return one of our fine products, we ask that the following process be followed: Product must be in pre-sale condition meaning: unopened and without damage to packaging, or product, or writing of any kind to product packaging. Upon receipt of pre-sale conditioned item, Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. will refund total  purchase amount. Refunds will be issued in the form of payment received only. This is without exception. Customer is responsible for all  shipping costs incurred during product returns. Packages sent without verifiable RMA# from Landmark Games And Toys,  Inc. will be returned to sender, unopened. TAXES: Wisconsin residents will be taxed at the current rate of 5.6%, or then current rate at time of purchase. COMPLIANCE:  Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. promotes safety and holds firm to our commitment to comply with all applicable laws,  rules, regulations, and policies in this and other regards. consumers can rest assured when they see the Landmark Games And toys, Inc. brand on any game, or toy. SUBMISSIONS:  Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. loves receiving cool stuff from all the sharp people who buy our products. It’s touching to  see the joy you get from the products we create, because we do so with YOU in mind. So, here are some guidelines to  ensure we receive what you send to us in the proper format and manner. Thanks so much to you all! Video: If you are submitting video please do so by copying file(s) to CD and sending via ‘regular mail’ using the address on our Contact page. Please label files as you want them labeled on the website and package them securely so they are not  damaged in transit. Videos are too large and our volume of email too high to accommodate them. Therefore, please DO  NOT send via email. Videos sent to our email will not be downloaded, but deleted instead. Photos: Photos can be sent via email provided they are less than 5MB total. If photos are posted on the web, you may give  us the URL and your written permission (via email) and we’ll collect them from the site. This is actually the most efficient  and preferred way. Testimonials: Testimonials can be sent via email and will be added to the site at the earliest possibility. Please Note: Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. will not use videos, photos, testimonies, or any other submission in any  way other than described during submission process, or for practical use for examples, uploading a video to our YouTube  page, or posting a photo on our website, or other advertising medium. All submissions become sole property of Landmark  Games And Toys, Inc. and cannot be returned, forwarded, or otherwise relinquished for any reason, nor under any  circumstance. Therefore, we ask that you please DO NOT submit originals! 
o Request refund/return within 14 days of purchase. o Email Customer Service for RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. o Include brief explanation for return. o After properly packaging product, post RMA# on outside of packaging in a clearly noticeable area. If  instructions were given when number was issued, be sure to follow completely. o Pay applicable shipping with tracking. Insurance is optional, but company is not responsible for loss  of shipments, or non-receipt regardless of reason, or circumstance. Therefore, it may be in the best  interest of the sender to obtain insurance.
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