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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. has partnered with Business Printing Solutions of Milwaukee, WI to formally acquire  manufacturing, distribution, and printing in-house. The Midwest based, family owned company designs and develops great products in their hometown, making this expansion a  key element in day-to-day operations. Business Printing Solutions has been a premier source for printing and manufacturing throughout the Midwest for several  years and has acquired long term clients as far as Africa. With expertise in the manufacturing and printing of books, boxes,  games, brochures, flyers, business cards, and much more, they are certain to fulfill the needs of Landmark Games And Toys,  Inc. as well as their flourishing consumer base. Incorporating Kodak’s Nexpress S3000 Digital Production Color Press into an already stellar line of equipment makes this  state-of-the-art printing service second to none. What does this mean for potential consumers? The ability to manufacture as well as store in mass quantities without having  to outsource, or other- wise depend on out of state companies which ensures timely production and delivery of quality  products throughout to most any destination.  Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. has a history of making strong, positive moves and this is surely one of them. The 10,000sqft  building will serve as headquarters to the emerging company on June 1, 2013. This prime facility located in Richfield, WI,  (between Mequon and Germantown), boasts 6,000sqft of light industrial space and an additional 4,000sqft of office space  spread over two floors. As the photos below indicate, both companies have fared well in this merger. Needless to say, owners  are quite pleased and looking forward to the move. Check back for more on this progressive move and others to come! 
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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. Is On The Move!
The KODAK NEXPRESS S3000 Digital Production Color  Press delivers 6000 A4/letter 5/0 sheets per hour (100  pages per minute). With excellent image quality, a unique business model, and the support of award-winning  KODAK Service and Support, it’s a good fit for small to  mid-size quick printers, in-plant operations, digital  service bureaus and small commercial printers.
The 6,000sqft of light industrial space allows plenty of  room for the Kodak Nexpress S3000 Digital Production  Color Press, (which will be quite extensive once put  together), as well as the multitude of other equipment  which will soon be moved over from the current base of  operations on Milwaukee’s Northwest side.
The space includes 3 loading docks with overhead doors  as well as multiple points of entry.
The front of the building is 4,000sqft of office space on  two floors.  
There’s ample parking space in back for trucks loading,  or passing through and a huge parking lot at the side  which allows for easy access to offices.