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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. invites investors to join  forces as we pursue our mission to become a formidable  competitor in the small to mid-level industry of games and  toys.   Equity financing is sought via sale of 10 million common  shares. Minimum purchase is one thousand shares at $3  each. Processing is via company’s accountant, or brokerage  firm. Receipt of stock certificate in 10 business days. Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. handles related business  matters via Ronald E. Jacquart, Jacquart/McCarthy Tax  LLC, and Joseph W Scherwenka, Margerie & Scherwenka  Attorneys at Law, both of whom are located on Bluemound  Rd in Elm Grove, WI.  Company’s premier product, The Game of Mathematics, boasts eye catching colors, user friendly  designs, easy to follow rules, family orientation, and addresses a number of social and educational  needs for today’s youth and young adults. Our growing product line includes 20 additional, copyrighted products consisting of video games, board games, children’s books, and toys, ensuring company’s ability to impact the industry for years to come  while catching the attention and patronage of consumers throughout the U.S. The Game of Mathematics is the break through product that’s expected to do quite well with additional  revenues earned via introduction of new products at one, or more per year.     Utilizing aggressively creative marketing strategies to gain the support of schools and other academic  institutions, businesses, outlets, and consumers, Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. is in a great position to exceed expectations.     Historically, board games have fared well even during recessions and other downed, economical times.  Parcheesi was all the rage during World War I. In the Great Depression, Monopoly was the hot ticket  item. It’s understandable that consumers would look to less expensive forms of entertainment to break  up the monotony. Future consideration for The Game of Mathematics is to merge with leaders in the gaming industry to  extend board game for use via computers, mobile phones, video games, and hand held, electronic play. Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. seeks investment funding to launch operations at the earliest  opportunity. Interested parties are encouraged to Contact Us at their earliest opportunity.
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