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Who says learning can’t be fun? Not us!  The Game of Mathematics has a multitude of variations creating  virtually unlimited ways to bring joy to all who play. So, if it’s  okay with you, we’d like to share a tip, or two that just might  further enhance your experience. Scenario 1: Family Reunion  Ever had a group gathering where everyone seems to be scattered to the wind? The purpose of the event was to bring everybody  together. Not just in one city, or one location, but in unity.  Togetherness. Everyone working towards the common goal of  getting to know each other all over again before they part ways  and put tens, or hundreds of miles between them. Not much fun,  right? Enter The Game of Mathematics. Team play is the best way to get everyone involved and, the best part is, it doesn’t matter  how many people there are. Select the chosen number of players (2 individual players, or 4 players with 2 on each team) to  move the tokens around the board, then form teams for each player. Let’s say it’s a 2 player game. Gather 20 people behind  each player and you’ve brought 40 more people together!  Imagine the excitement of countless family members and friends  all trying to help their player win the title of Math Champion. And, the coolest part of it all is that, everyone’s having a ton of fun while sharpening their skills at one of life’s most  fundamental and necessary abilities, math. Scenario 2: Classroom Boredom A teacher’s worse nightmare has to be a room filled with children who are bored to death. They look at the board, but are  they really picking up on the great information that’s being poured out for their benefit? Ask any child, or adult for that  matter, what is the most difficult subject for them to learn. What gives them the greatest challenge? What creates the most  dread? And, more often than not, they’ll tell you, or even yell to you... MATH! MATH! MATH! Throughout time people of all ages have struggled with math more than any other subject in the educational curriculum.  Remembering all those different numeric combinations, and calculations, and formulas for finding this sum, that total, or  the other thingy with a bunch of words and long winded stories shoved in for added confusion. I can only imagine how  boggled institutions of learning became trying to come up with ways to make math more exciting, or at least less boring,  particularly to the minds of youth who “totally have more things to do than maaaath, I’m soooo suuuure”. Bring in The Game of Mathematics. Nothing sparks the interest like healthy competition and what better way to provide it  than in a learning, yet fun environment? The entire classroom can take part, thereby keeping everyone involved and active in the learning process. Girls can challenge the boys. Teacher(s) can play against the students. The classroom can be  divided, or sectioned off according to the number of players. And, dare I mention the ultimate fun and greatest learning experience of all... Tournament Play!   Why stop at the classroom? How about involving an entire grade? The whole floor? A school? A community? How about  sports teams within the school competing against one another? Or, sports teams from other schools? Who wouldn’t want to  see their coaches go at it in a friendly competition? Their teachers? The possibilities are endless. The Game of Mathematics plays an intricate part in bringing people together in such a way that they forget they’re learning  in the midst of all the fun. Trophies can be awarded to the winners with the ongoing challenge being winning it back the  following year, semester, or whichever timeframe you set. Tournament Play is a great way to start a math learning movement. Imagine the number of children, and adults who’d be  positively affected by participating, or spectating at a math tournament. Many communities, schools, or even teachers  couldn’t fathom such a monumentally sound event. So, to put one into play would be a moving and well received effort. The gym  of any school, or recreation center would be an ideal place. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Okay, that should hold you for a while. If you come up with other ways of enjoying The Game of Mathematics, be sure to let  us know. You may just end up on our website! Send videos, or photos of you, your friends, family, etc... playing The Game of Mathematics (see Policy page before submitting videos, or pictures). Or, just drop us an email and we’ll add you to our  Testimonials page. You can reach us through our Contact page. ‘Til the next time... HAPPY MATH!!
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