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Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. is a family owned and operated venture and labor of  love created by two brothers, both of whom are caring parents, residing in the great  city of Milwaukee, WI. Noteworthy attributes can be seen in the care of the products Landmark Games And  Toys, Inc. designs and produces. Both games and toys are fun, safe, educational, and  entertaining. The content is child friendly, family oriented, and a great developer of  social and team building skills.  MISSION:  The mission of Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. is to become a formidable competitor  in the small to mid-level gaming market by creating highly competitive games and toys  with mass appeal, value, and affordability. GOALS:  Short Term: Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. will market premier product, The Game  of Mathematics, within the local educational systems, (public and private sectors), as  well as other areas of learning throughout the greater Wisconsin area.  Long Term: Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. will strive to attain a national presence  beginning with the educational system before branching out into the retail industry  for distribution via major toy stores, outlets, department stores, and the like.  In conjunction with our long term goals, Landmark Games And Toys, Inc. will segue  from the success of The Game of Mathematics by introducing board games, toys, and  even children’s books to our then current consumer base. We will continue to work  diligently to extend that base exponentially.  We thank you most graciously for visiting our site and hope to see you back again  soon. If you’d like to become a part of this progressive movement via private, angel,  or VC investment, please visit our Investors page. 
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