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What better way to learn than through good old fashioned  fun? The Game of Mathematics brings endless excitement,  and much more for all age groups... Brings families closer together Teaches math in a fun and exciting way Excellent tool for use with GED studies Helps develop and improve math skills for Primary & Intermediate grade level students Fun source of learning for older adults Advanced deck to challenge math whizzes Encourages unity through team play Teaches fairness and working together Helps develop social skills Promotes critical thinking 10 Unique levels of math problem solving Individual and team play Prepares students for entry-level high school math and beyond A great math tool for children with special needs MEETS COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICS
The Game of Mathematics is the next  generation of board games that’s not only  educational and exciting, but fun, fun, fun! Players have the option of taking on basic  mathematical challenges such as addition  and subtraction, or more advanced areas of  math such as:  algebra, decimals, fractions,  division, and multiplication. The included  Symbols Cards determines if the greater, or  lesser calculation will win the round. Team play gets an entire classroom, family,  or any other group together for unlimited  fun.

A Fun Way To Learn Math!

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