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Reaching For The Stars is about a lot more than just music. It’s about cultivating the minds of youth and young adults so that they can realize the brightness of their futures even amongst the dimness surrounding them. It’s about upliftment, positivity, and being proactive; taking hold of your future and deciding you want it to be the best it can be. When we’re not recording, we hang out, talk about a myriad of topics, watch television, and, plan for the future. I make sure everyone eats when they’re here and most certainly have breakfast before they go home for the day when they spend the night. It would be great to have a little more to give them. So, I’m reaching out to the community for help. If you’re able to contribute to these deserving youth, that would be wonderful and very much appreciated. The following are a few things that would be of great help:
Sponsorships/Donations are always welcomed! Assistance with day-to-day expenses of working with the youth and young adults would be most helpful. Your benevolence is most appreciated! In exchange, we will be more than happy to advertise your business, service, events, etc... on our website, fan gear, and at our venues.
On behalf of the deserving youth and young adults who’ll benefit so greatly, I thank you most graciously! Ms. Cee
Oftentimes the boys stay overnight.
Reaching For The Stars!
Air Conditioner (Quiet unit for use in recording room) Fans Bottled Water Food Items Snacks/Fruit
Sleeping Bags Pillows Towels Paper Plates/Cups Cookware/Utensils Hair Cuts
It’s a blessing to be able to wear so many hats. Aside from running the studio (engineering, production, scheduling, etc...), handling all of the administrative tasks that keeps the business going, handling all aspects of videos and photo shoots, I keep the boys hair looking good from cutting, to shampooing, and conditioning. We have a great time and it has been a wonderful bonding experience, but it would be great to have them get a professional cut from a barber shop. If there’s someone out there who’d be so generous as to cut the boy’s hair at no expense, that would be a godsend.
CityLyfe, also an artist, has turned his life around in such a way that he’s able to mentor the younger artists. Having experienced what some of them have been through, or are looking to get into, he makes the perfect example of how you can turn bad into good; wrong into right; be cool without thinking you have to live a negative life.
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Some may call me crazy for opening up my home to youth and young adults. Kids? Strangers? Running through your personal space? Yeah, she’s gotta be a little nuts. Right? Well, if caring about the youth in my city enough to provide a safe, comfortable environment where they can be productive rather than hanging out in the streets and being counter-productive is crazy, then I am most certainly the craziest of them all. The city of Milwaukee is filled with talented young folk who’d rather lead a good and productive life and would be happy to do so if given the opportunity. How do I know? Because I’ve been blessed to meet several, a few of whom you can see in the videos below and throughout this website..