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SCHEDULING NOW! CALL: 414-628-8514 Serving The Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area THE FINEST IN HOME RECORDING STUDIOS! 3819 W. Capitol Dr. (414) 628-8514 (Entry by appointment only! Call to Schedule.)
POLICY PAYMENT: Payment must be made before the recording session for all scheduled hours. If the session runs short, you will be refunded the difference in fifteen minute increments. Credit and Debit cards are accepted. There is a nominal fee of $5 for sessions under $100 and 5% of the total thereafter. We are a PayPal certified company, so your payment is guaranteed secure. REFUNDS (Recording Studio): Respectfully, we do not give refunds for work completed. We take great pride in our work and value our stellar reputation. We will work diligently to resolve any issues to ensure you receive 100% satisfaction. If there is a problem on our end and the session is cut short, we will most certainly refund your money up to the point the problem occurred. If the session is cut short at your doing, no money will be refunded as that time will have been lost and cannot be rescheduled. REFUNDS (Fan Gear & Other Store Merchandise: Items may be returned up to 7 days after date of receipt for a full refund. You will be responsible for shipping costs. Packaging must be unopened, not defaced (written on, torn, dirtied, etc...), and all merchandise must be in New and resalable condition. Items that have been worn, used, or otherwise not visably new cannot be refunded. No exceptions. REFUND POSTINGS: With the exception of Recording Studio refunds,  refunds are processed within 5 business days of qualified, merchandise receipt. Depending upon your bank, it may take up to 30 days, or one billing cycle for money to show on your credit/debit card. See your financial institution for questions, or concerns.  EXCHANGES: Exchanges are not allowed. Merchandise should be returned, if applicable, and another order placed if desired. Payments will be returned using the method of which they were made. CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS: We appreciate immediate notification if you need to cancel. At least 24hr, or one day notice. We understand that things come up and will do our best to reschedule you at a favorable time. However, a pattern of cancellations may bring about a refusal of future services. SAVING SESSION FILES: BRING A FLASH DRIVE, OR OTHER DEVICE TO SAVE YOUR SONGS FILES ON. CME Entertainment is not responsible for system crashes, or acts of God that may cause files to be loss. While we do everything within our power to preserve client files, ultimately, you are responsible for keeping your own files. We suggest that you bring a flash drive large enough (at least 4GB, preferably 8GB – 16GB) so that your files can be saved to them after each session. BRINGING OTHERS TO RECORDING SESSIONS: Please do not bring anyone to your scheduled recording session who is not an active member of your group, or is going to record in that session. FREE STUDIO TIME FOR BEATS BY NAPPYHEAD TRACKS!: Free, 1 hour of studio time for select beats bought from Beats By NappyHead includes 1 hour towards the time needed to record vocals and mix project. All time after that is charged at regular studio price. Clients have their choice of select beats as are available. MARKETING/PROMOTION PACKAGES & OTHER INDIVIDUAL SERVICES: While we pledge to do our absolute best to get our treasured clients where they’re trying to go in their careers, we cannot guarantee you will accomplish everything that you seek. Ultimately, success is dependent upon your level of talent and whether, or not the industries submitted to believe you can boost their roster of talent, music, etc...  Give us your best and we’ll do our best.
We Respect & Appreciate Our Treasured Clients & Want Your Experience With Us To Be The Best Possible... Owner/Management
RULES With all due respect, I must ask that the following rules be respected and adhered to at all times. Your consideration is most appreciated. DRUGS: ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS ON THE PREMISES! For those of you who indulge in weed, or any other type of drug, this is not the place to do so. Do not come to my studio smelling of weed, or noticeably under the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or you will not be allowed to enter. WEAPONS: NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND! The right to carry weapons does not include the inside of my home. If you’ve got drama so rough that you feel you have to arm yourself, this is not the studio for you. SMOKING: NO SMOKING INDOORS. If you need to take a smoke break, you may do so in the backyard. Not on the side of the house, nor in front. Keep in mind that this is counted towards your session time. HANGING OUT: NO HANGING AROUND IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. I respect my neighbors as well as my clients, so no one is allowed to hang around the front of my home. It’s not a good look and could obstruct the going and coming of others. LOUD MUSIC: NO PLAYING LOUD MUSIC FROM YOUR VEHICLES, IPOD, TABLET, OR ANY OTHER DEVICE. If you’d like to hear the sound of your song(s) played outside of my studio such as on your car stereo, or other device, please roll up your vehicle’s windows and/or use ear phones. PROFANITY/DISRESPECT: NO PROFANITY OR USE OF VULGAR WORDS. What you say over the microphone is between you and God. What you say off the mic and in my home is between you and me. Please keep it as clean as if you were speaking to your Grandmother.  APPOINTMENTS: No one will be allowed entry without a previously scheduled appointment. Please try not to arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your session. If you do arrive while another session is ending, respect the privacy of other artists and be quiet as they are recording, or otherwise transacting business. PLEASE NOTE: In the case that you are asked to leave due to not following the house rules, you will not be allowed to schedule with us again. You will most certainly be refunded for any hours not used. For example, you paid for 3 hours at the beginning of the session, but you only used 1 1/2 hours. You will be refunded for the 1 1/2 hours that you have not used. Refunds are made using the same method of payment, cash or credit/debit card. Refunds will be made at the earliest possibility. God forbid the police would need to be called and we will do all within our power to not get them involved. However, in the case that this becomes necessary, you will be asked to exit the premises and once the police arrive, your cash will be returned in their presence. Credit/debit cards will be refunded on that same day and at the earliest possibility. This is the worst case scenario. Let’s work together to make sure this never comes into play.
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