Greetings, I'm CaSandra Mathis, Owner and CEO of C. Mathis Enterprises, a conglomeration of businesses and services catering to the upstart, community based organizations, individuals and businesses of Urban America with formidable components to effect entrepreneurship in youth and young adults.

Having worked since the tender age of 13, the decision to leave my last place of employment after a nearly 12 year stint was not difficult at all. An avid reader and student of life, I'd mastered many varied fields of interest and was looking forward to putting my skills to work on my own behalf. But, the greatest thing about a humanitarian spirit is that it just isn't satisfied unless it's serving someone else's purpose as well, if not in place of, its own. Each component of C. Mathis Enterprises, most specifically Your Child's Scholarship Club, does just that.

Speaking of which, it wasn't long ago that I was in the 'upstart' business category. In fact, as a continuously growing conglomeration, two of my businesses still qualify; one of which won't be fully launched until early to mid 2007. Therefore, unlike those who've been around for years and have had the luxury of forgetting the hills and valleys of their first year, or two, I can relate to the multitude of setbacks and hardships facing new entities. In consideration of such, I happily and consistently provide my vast areas of expertise at an affordable rate that assures financial setbacks doesn't have to be one of them.

In the more than 10 years since I delved into the realm of self employment, I have been privileged to have met and worked with some great people and organizations. I'm sincerely elated to have been, as well as to continue to be instrumental in their well being. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I believe I've done it all, from mobile selling (street vending), to flea markets, to lawn sales, to in-home stores, to home based businesses. But, through it all I can honestly say that nothing brought me greater pleasure and satisfaction than seeing the smile on a customer's face. It's that knowing, the realization that I played a key role in making that person's moment, that drives me; sealed my fate of servitude.

 Given such, in early 2006 when I was approached with the opportunity to serve as a member of the Resident Committee for Inner City Development Project (ICDP), I immediately accepted because I fully understand the relevance of  not only developing, but preserving community based entities, and I'm ecstatic at the opportunity to play a hands-on role in such a necessary and productive organization.



With C. Mathis Enterprises, integrity is first and foremost. I don't take on more than I can handle and I live by the creed of "Do unto others as you'd 'want' then to do unto you". I am a devoted mother of two, adult sons and a member of Calvary Temple CBC (54th and Lisbon Ave.).  I currently reside on the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI and I'm readily accessible to my customers as well as my community. When I'm not hard at work on a project, I can be found serving my extended community, playing basketball, and working out at the local YMCAs, or neighborhood recreation centers. I'm an avid fan of the written word and have ventured to pen a novel, or two as well as books of poetry and short stories, many of which I propose to self publish in 2007.

I am a woman of God and look forward to sharing His Word on my forthcoming CD project scheduled for release in mid- to late 2007.

But, don't let my list of endeavors dissuade you. At C. Mathis Enterprises customer service is top priority. And, to insure the 100% satisfaction that I've grown accustomed to, when necessary, I bring together teams of top of the line, go-getters to insure that no matter the work load, every client gets first rate attention & every project meets its deadline with no additional customer costs.

Whether you're a start-up working on a fixed budget, or long term entity looking to tighten the budget belt, I assure you C. Mathis Enterprises can fulfill your business needs. Give us a try. You won't be disappointed.

CaSandra Mathis