Currently, DECOVA'S E-STORE offers the disposable type of e-cigarette. Disposable sets come with 2 disposable atomizers (cartridges) and 1 battery. Total nicotine equivalent is approximately 3 3/4 packs of cigarettes.

A great choice for smokers who are new to the e-cigarette, as well as those who've made it their cigarette of choice. To purchase, simply click the buy now button to your right, and you'll be taken to PayPal, a secure and trusted payment processor used daily by millions throughout the world.

Smokers and non-smokers have found the e-cigarette experience to be enjoyable and relaxing. There's no tobacco, so it can be enjoyed in places where tobacco based products cannot.

To smoke an e-cigarette, simply follow the directions on the package to put it together. Place the filter of the e-cigarette between your lips, and inhale. You will know when your disposal cartridges are empty when you can no longer inhale the nicotine vapor. At this point, you simply throw the old cartridges away and purchase your new set.

We strongly suggest that everyone use this product responsibly and with care, and further suggest that users who are not familiar with e-cigarettes, or have little, or no experience actually smoking an e-cigarette, be extra cautious by taking in small amounts of nicotine and lesser quantities per smoking session. Inhale short, slow puffs and allow adequate time to see what the effects have on an individual basis. Never go by the effects, or non-effects seen, or heard of by use of others. Everyone is different.






(Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase!)




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