Age of Consent to Purchase

Without exception, DECOVA'S E-STORE does not knowingly sell e-cigarette products, nor accessories to persons under the age of 18.



DECOVA'S E-STORE ships via USPS within 24hrs following order processing. Customers can expect receipt within 3 business days after order is placed. In rare instances, it may take a bit longer. However, this is not usually the case.



DECOVA'S E-STORE carefully inspects all products and packagaing upon receipt from manufacturer and again before shipping to our valued customers. Therefore, we cannot be liable for products received in less than usable condition. It's the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect all packages upon receipt from your carrier and, if damage is present, follow-up with the carrier. If filing a claim becomes necessary, we strongly suggest customers make themselves aware of the procedure, timeframe for reporting, and any other information which may aid them in recovery of their loss.



DECOVA'S E-STORE does not process returns, or exchanges. For the safety and well being of current and future customers, we do not resell any consumable item that has left our store. If product is defective see our refund policy.



DECOVA'S E-STORE offers refunds on products which prove defective only. For reasons of health and overall well being, we cannot refund monies on products that have been opened, or otherwise used, or accessed in any way.

Customers who need to return a defective product must contact DECOVA'S E-STORE via email and include full details of product failure. This is to ensure it is not operator error which is often the case in new, or lesser experienced users.

If refund is necessary, instructions will be provided. Refunds are processed within 5 business days of receipt. However, depending upon your bank, or credit card company, refunds may not show up until the next billing cycle.

Refunds can only be transacted using the customer's initial means of purchase. This is for the safety of ourselves as well as our customers. There will be no exceptions!



DECOVA'S E-STORE takes no responsibility for information attained via links on this site, or actions taken by consumers who read the information presented upon following the link. Links are provided as a courtesy only and is not a validation, nor confirmation of any content, suggestions, claims, or any other matter of speaking, or doing found therein.

We strongly suggest consumers do their own research and under no circumstance rely on anyone else to do that for them.

DECOVA'S E-STORE takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any and all instances, circumstances, and/or situations, nor effects thereof that may occur during, or following the use of any product and/or accessory sold on this site. It is the consumer's responsibility to read and follow the directions carefully and as given, as well as to consult a physician prior to use if health conditions, or other matters are of concern.

We strongly suggest that everyone use this product responsibly and with care, and further suggest that users who are not familiar with e-cigarettes, or have little, or no experience actually smoking an e-cigarette, be extra cautious by taking in small amounts of nicotine and lesser quantities per smoking session. Inhale short, slow puffs and allow adequate time to see what the effects have on an individual basis. Never go by the effects, or non-effects seen, or heard of by use of others. Everyone is different.




To Our Valued Customers...

Many smokers have turned to e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco based products. But, e-cigarettes are not limited to any particular group. Smokers trying to quit, those trying to cut back, and those who just want to experience something different have been joined by non-smokers who heard about this great product, tried it, liked it and decided it was the thing for them.

With the e-cigarette being relatively new, consumers have lots of questions and concerns. We strongly suggest that anyone trying a new product, particularly something taken into the body, do extensive research of their own. The internet is loaded with articles that may be of interest.

Wikipedia.org is an excellent source of information on just about any topic you can name. E-cigarettes is one of them. When you get to the site, choose your desired language, then type "e-cigarettes" in the search box on the left.





































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