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What greater gift is there than God's grace?

Hi, I'm CaSandra Mathis, author of the timely, thought provoking book, Dare I Say No?. I strongly believe that appreciation of God's grace is best demonstrated in our benevolence towards others. Considering such, I have prepared a Special Offer for churches, church related groups, and affiliates.

Through August 31, 2010...

For each purchase of 25, or more books at the $15 price, I will give a donation of 15% of the total dollar amount spent, (10% tithe and 5% offering).

That's $2.25 donation on every book sold. Or, for example, $56.25 on as few as 25 books, $74.25 on 33 books, $101.25 on 45 books and so on.

Reward your pastor, book club, or other faith based group with a nice bonus while getting an affordable, entertaining, tastefully written book based on sound principals and strong values.

* * * * * * *

Dare I Say No? takes a serious look at the issue of Celibacy -- a matter of great relevance to persons of faith world wide. As many are reluctant to speak on the personal and sometimes shameful issue, Dare I Say No? allows readers to examine as well as challenge themselves while maintaining their sense of privacy.

For those looking to express their feelings and learn from open, honest dialogue, reading Dare I Say No? will definitely get the conversation rolling. Both women and men, individually and as groups will emerge with renewed strength based on sound information shared by people they hold in high esteem. It is my goal that, prayerfully, the book's message of hope and steadfast faith will spread like wildfire.

I am further inspired by the fact that, each time I've mentioned Dare I Say No?, people are eager to discuss their personal challenges with celibacy. Many do so openly and without encouragement. While it's not a subject everyone's willing to readily approach, once it's touched upon, the multitude have been happy to join in. Witnessing this first hand further ensured me that Dare I Say No? is both a timely and necessary book as well as an invaluable tool.

Suggested reading is: males and females, age 16 and older. However, I strongly encourage men in positions of responsibility for youth and young adult males ages 16 through 25, to make it a priority for them to read Dare I Say No?, then set aside a time for open, honest, spiritually based discussion(s) to follow.

* * * * * * *

To take advantage of this wonderful offer...

1) Return to Products page and purchase 25, or more books.

2) Forward PayPal receipt to: CME Publishings (ceo@cmepublishings.com).

    (Check email used during payment. Receipts are sent immediately after purchase.)

3) In your email, please note the following:

- Subject: Group Discount - Faith Based Only!

(clicking CME Publishings link above, automatically adds subject line to your email.)

- Church, or Group Name, Name of Pastor/Leader, Business Address, Phone #

- Name of person, entity, or group check should be made out to.


Payments will be made via check to avoid PayPal  fees to our valued customers. Payments are processed within 48hrs and should be received in 7 - 10 business days.


Please Note: Pay Pal receipt will read: The Well V3, Inc. as this is our payment affiliate. Offer applies to volume purchases of 25 books, or more and to faith based groups only.

To ensure you receive the highest offering, get all of the orders from your group and place the entire order at one time. Offer applies to every order of 25, or more books.

There is no limit to the dollar amount, or number of offerings you may receive. As long as the order is for a minimum of 25 books it qualifies. So order away!

Special Continues Through August 31, 2010


Questions? Email: CME Publishings - Faith Based Special. Normal response is 24hrs, or less.


(CaSandra Mathis is available for book signings and speaking engagements.

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