- Meet The Lady at the Helm -

CaSandra Mathis ~ aka ~ The Female Tyler Perry



Peace & Blessings,

I'm CaSandra Mathis, Owner, CEO of CME Publishings, a full service, book publishing company dedicated to the creation, development, and publication of well written, faith based, urban and contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, articles, short stories, and information.

I began CME Publishings in 2007 with the dream of positioning myself so that I could be of service to others. But, sometimes you have to work on yourself first. By the grace of God that's exactly what I did -- stepped back and took some time to truly see who I was, then determine the direction I wanted to go. I let go and let God and I've been much better off because of it.

God has blessed me with many gifts, one of which is the ability to write the most captivating and entertaining stories as I've done since I was child. Having gone through so much, even then, enabled me to offer readers realism told from a place of experience. However, putting pen to paper didn't always equate to serving God's purpose. How selfish was I considering I wouldn't have this talent were it not for His grace?

My latest book, Dare I Say No? takes a serious look at the issue of Celibacy -- a matter of great relevance to Christians and persons of other faiths far and wide. As many are reluctant to speak on what they perceive as a personal and sometimes shameful issue, Dare I Say No? allows its readers to examine as well as challenge themselves while maintaining a sense of privacy. For those looking to express their feelings and learn from open, honest dialogue, Dare I Say No? is a subtle way to get the conversation rolling. Both women and men, individually and as groups will emerge with renewed strength. Prayerfully, the book's message of hope and steadfast faith will spread like wildfire.

I'm further inspired by the fact that, each time I've mentioned the storyline to Dare I Say No?, more and more people are eager to discuss their personal challenges with celibacy. Many do so openly and without encouragement. While it's not a subject everyone's willing to readily approach, as soon as it's brought up, the multitude seem to join in.

After a few years away, I emerged with a trio of must have attributes: a dedicated heart, a clearer mind, and a determined spirit. The past has done well to create the person I am today; a serious minded, steadfast business woman & entrepreneur. For this winning soul, book publishing is only the beginning.

With the utmost respect to Tyler Perry, a man whom I admire greatly, I coined myself "The Female Tyler Perry". Why? Because I also have a ton of great ideas and plans which extend far beyond my initial love of writing and publishing. And, like Mr. Perry was before he became known to the world, I'm at a starting point that promises a host of great things to come.

I'm open to collaborations with fellow business minded persons, particularly investors looking for a great venture to take to the next level and beyond. If you're interested, feel free to contact me

Thanks for stopping by.

May God bless and keep you!