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C. Mathis Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the greater Milwaukee, WI area and the Internet since the early 1990s, but officially became a ‘business’ in 1996 and has served as an umbrella corporation to a growing number of great businesses and services ever since. Currently, we are blessed to have eight different entities from which we perform professional services and offer top quality products.

To best serve our growing customer base, we decided to revamp our website by combining our individual sites into one conglomerate of fine businesses and services. In doing so, we’ve created a one-stop, affordable shop for the aspiring entrepreneur as well as existing businesses and individuals.

Our extensive list of satisfied customers include: churches, private organizations, games and toys companies, music labels, recording studios, and more.

Although each entity has its own website page(s), for your convenience, we’ve put together a brief overview of what they offer and how they came to be.

C. Mathis Enterprises, Inc., began as a means of helping small businesses and individuals operating on a minimal budget, avoid the high start-up costs that all too often kills a business venture before its had a fair chance to get off the ground. Having endured the same as I started out, I knew full well that marketing and advertising costs were the biggest culprits. These included things such as business cards, letter head and matching envelopes, logos and other graphics for brand creation, menus, flyers, and more.

Added to these costly, but very necessary burdens, was the most expensive, highly required tool of the trade, the business plan. Many companies have failed today because they failed to plan with a business plan when starting out. For the most part, if you can’t afford a business plan, you’re not ready financially, nor otherwise to be in business. A business plan serves many purposes such as seeking investors in your venture, creating a map to lead the business as time goes by, and gaining a full understanding of your finances right now, tomorrow, and years ahead; a must for

To offset the exorbitant costs of fulfilling one’s dream, I often found myself performing services and giving assistance for free as well as at the bare cost of materials alone.

This is where The Graphics Lady - TGL came in and why this entity has been around since the beginning.  

The early 90s proved what all savvy, business minded individuals either knew, or learned over the years, without a website, you’re pretty much invisible. Great products, services, and information reach such a small segment of the population that you may as well not be in business at all.

Much to the start-up entrepreneur’s dismay, websites were not cheap back then and haven’t gotten much better price wise since. They’d grown in popularity by leaps and bounds and anyone who could perform this new found, cash bringing necessity was getting all they could out of the process. Again, this is where The Graphics Lady - TGL came in. Having learned a great deal of pretty much every necessary part of starting a business, I extended that blessing and began to pass on the knowledge, as well as perform a good portion of the work so that others could find their way along the path of fulfilling their goals and dreams.

Next came CME Publishings, a publishing entity whose motto is, “Lighting The Urban Fiction Tunnel.” Having been an aspiring writer and avid reader since as young as I can recall, it was only fitting at some point in my life that I pursue that goal and the early 1990s seemed as good a time as any. I dug in deep, wrote three novels, and faced what all too many first time authors undergo, a sea of rejection letters from the few people holding the key to the gate of becoming an author. Back then, if ‘they’ didn’t see your vision, or recognize your audience, you simply weren’t getting in. It was a clique of sorts that kept a lot of would be authors from realizing their dream. For a few years, I was one of them. Then came yet another Internet explosion, self-publishing. No longer did the gate keepers hold the key to the promising futures of authors worldwide.

Digging in, I learned every aspect of getting my books to the buying public. Having a strong graphic design back-ground and knowing a trick, or two, I quickly learned the ins and outs of typography, book cover design, forwards, acknowledgements, dedications, and the like. And so my quest began and CME Publishings was born.

The Well V3, Inc. is a one of a kind, social networking venture that promises to be all the rave. Check for it late 2014. You’ll be glad you did!

Beats by NappyHead was born out my love for any and everything music, and a desire to create and draw from the creation of great sounding music, instrumentals and otherwise. The goal was and will always be, to bring forth tyte beats from a multitude of genres through which aspiring and established artists could lay down great lyrics, perform spoken word, and otherwise entertain the masses for years to come.

CME Entertainment is the music production/ record label division operating under the umbrella corporation. We’re just getting started, but promise a world of great entertainment coming very soon. We’ve got a great, young, up and coming Hip Hop artist, and an couple of R&B singers that are out of this world. Our roster may not be full in numbers, but it’s on overdrive in talent. We are truly blessed.

CME Entertainment offers a full production, recording studio that will be open for scheduling mid-February.

Besides the music production and recording and being a record label, a third division of CME Entertainment is Hands To God Productions. Yes, we could not forget about the Gospel/Inspirational side of music that’s gotten us all by at some point in our lives. We’re currently looking for artists, male and female, who can blow up the hearts and ear drums of music lovers worldwide.

The Classifieds is a wonderful place to go when you’re looking for a great bargain on slightly used products, clothing, and equipment. Be sure to check back from time to time as page will be updated weekly.

CME Angels is a wonderful service that assists organizations and individuals with fundraising efforts. Whether the money is to be used for a professional or personal effort, we offer a number of services and ideas on achieving your funding goals.

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